Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monogram Cake Toppers could be the answer

Do the traditional plastic bride and groom standing on the top of the cake not meet your style? Do they look NOTHING like you and your groom?

The solution to this growing discontent with the traditional cake topper - monogram wedding cake toppers!

There are a lot of good things about monogram wedding cake toppers.

  • If you change your hair color prior to the big day, no problem. The comparison to two plastic couple is gone.

  • Monogram wedding cake toppers can fit in with any theme - polka dots or island theme, no problem!
  • Monogram wedding cake toppers will fit in with any crowd. Whether you and your guests are formal or casual, serious or funny, functional or dysfunctional, these toppers fit in with ease - so there is no compatibility issue.

  • You can use them later as a part of your decor, on a shelf or in a curio cabinet. Reusable and GREEN!

  • They are customizable and as versatile as you are. Available in a variety of styles...glizty, classic, jeweled or bold are just a few.

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